Location Warehouse™ is a location intelligence product produced by Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI), that houses Geospatial Data representing the Canadian landscape, with a geography-based context in mind.

AGSI Field Research Team

Our field researchers are one of the key reasons we’re different from other location intelligence companies, ensuring that AGSI remains a leader in the database management and mapping services industry. The AGSI Field Research Team is constantly active, in collecting and verifying information for our clients and the dataset.

Go360 Maps

Go360 Maps, our base data mapping service, has more than 150 topographic elements organized into 11 themes:

  • agricultural
  • administrative
  • building
  • elevation
  • geomorphology
  • hydrology
  • industrial
  • planning
  • recreational
  • transportation
  • utilities

AGSI has a standardized representation of topographic information for the entire Canadian landmass. Our topographic data is available in all popular geospatial formats including KMZ, KML, GPX, JSON and GeoJSON map files, polygon, shapefile and scalable vector maps.

Find more information about how you can use Go360 spatial information technology at go360.info

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