Go Directory

GoDirectory's web directory services finds your potential customers

GoDirectory is an online consumer data service for generating customer lists (names and addresses) based on geographic information. With no licensing fees, you only pay for what you use.

Three simple steps on our website will save you time and effort at a surprisingly low price.

  1. Select a location (address, intersection, postal boundary).
  2. Order the customer list you want, which can be used for phone, direct mail or door-to-door campaigns.
  3. A confirmation e-mail is sent within minutes once the order is complete. Simply confirm your purchase and download the file!

GoDirectory Data Users Include

  • Real estate agents - To send notices to homeowners announcing sales in their neighbourhood, as well as new housing developments, and soliciting new real estate listings.
  • Retailers - To reach their target market, to announce a new store location, or locate potential customers by accessing customer addresses.
  • Direct Marketers - To find and reach their target audience using demographic information and location based criteria.
  • Municipalities - To alert homeowners of future activities, such as road construction, through the use of homeowner information by region.
  • Landscapers, roofers and renovators - To invite the community to see the results of recent work, or find addresses for older homes to win new business.
  • Individuals or community organizations - To announce events, such as garage sales, to reach potential customers of your own – the data is so affordable!

Try it out today! Visit GoDirectory.ca for your free trial.