How Our Data is Used

You name it, we’ve supplied it

The Location Warehouse database has been used for various applications across multiple industries, including:

  • real estate
  • retail
  • municipalities
  • landscaping, roofing and renovation
  • individual and community organizations
  • government
  • telecommunications
  • utility and security
  • search engines
  • marketing and advertising
  • insurance
  • urban and rural planning
  • emergency management
  • banking and finance

Because every company is unique, we cater our data solutions to meet your needs. Below are some examples of how customers have used our datasets.

Address Data

  • real-time geocoding systems (with autocomplete capabilities)
  • customer record scrubbing and mapping
  • location / density analysis

Road Networks

  • routing
  • route analysis / optimization
  • distance calculation (closest asset / building)

Postal Boundaries - community service mapping - Canadian demographic profiling - heat-map analysis - mail campaigns

Business / Residential Directories

  • economic development
  • emergency response
  • public awareness campaigns
  • consumer analysis

Go360 Maps

  • used for data visualization on a map base
  • unlike other popular base maps, your private information is never resold