Location Data Program for all Canadian Federal Government

February 20, 2018

Location Data Program for all Canadian Federal Government

Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) is pleased to announce its new Canadian Federal Government location data program available through the Software Licensing Supply Arrangement - SLSA EN578-100808-311

This arrangement authorizes all Canadian Federal Government Ministries to purchase AGSI’s Location Warehouse data from a list of over 125 data layers of Canadian geospatial location data. It makes it easy for Ministries to acquire location data to ensure high precision mapping, asset location, emergency response, effective analysis and other geospatial operations.

Some of the data on the SLSA includes:

  • Rooftop Address Points
  • Canada Road Network
  • 6 Digit Postal Code Polygons
  • Canada Points of Interest
  • Topographic Data

Some of the ways to use the data include:

  • Verify, geocode and map any data that has an address or a postal code
  • Create maps, locate assets, or emergency response
  • Perform location and density analysis
  • Distance calculations and optimize routes
  • Health and crime analysis
  • Analysis - generalize data to postal code to protect privacy
  • Heat map analysis
  • Mailing campaigns

Cameron Hutchison and Marc Curtis are happy to assist with any data inquiries and purchases. Just call (905) 876-0700 or email lwsales@agsi.ca.