Address Points

Accurate, up-to-date geocoded address data

Location Warehouse™ offers an address database beyond what’s available on traditional geocoding applications, such as:

  • new housing developments
  • duplicate street addresses showing up in neighboring towns
  • numerous housing units existing at one street address (such as apartment buildings)
  • numerous addresses used locally for the same building (i.e. different entrances)

Rooftop Precision

Location Warehouse™ is the only data provider that provides rooftop address locations across the country. Our geospatial location tools offer rural street address data is just as accurate as our urban addresses, to fit the diverse needs of our customer base. Our address points are based on geo-referenced map coordinates for addresses with rooftop precision. They include all of the following attributes:

  • street number
  • street name
  • street type
  • street direction (where applicable)
  • city, town or municipality
  • postal boundary

An abundance of spatial information

The street address database also contains related information including everything from high-density residential areas to alphanumeric numbering systems and multiple languages. Available spatial information includes:

  • occupant names
  • mailing addresses
  • demographic information
  • number of people per household
  • survey addresses
  • x, y coordinates
  • postal boundaries / zip codes
  • National residential information (incl. name and phone numbers)
  • National business directory information (incl. name and phone numbers)
  • property types and amenities (# of bedrooms, sq. ft., etc.)