Cadastral and Property Data

In-depth real estate information

The national cadastral dataset (data representing real estate boundaries), is expanding at an increasing rate as urban and suburban areas accommodate the demands of a growing population. We can help identify:

  • title number
  • roll number
  • property address
  • owner names
  • tenant names
  • legal description
  • mailing address
  • dimensions
  • property value

Parcel data provides assistance with business decisions that affect everyday life.

They can be used for:

  • taxation and assessment
  • site selection
  • owner / tenant notification
  • map creation
  • emergency response

In addition to the available parcel attributes, other datasets can be combined to provide extremely focused and targeted predictive analytics, for example:

  • customer data can be added to identify trends and statistics
  • municipal planners can easily forecast and analyze new areas of potential growth
  • future urban development areas are easier to identify with added land-use and environmental assessment maps
  • by combining parcel and postal / zip data, clients can enhance marketing efficiency by targeting current customer postal areas