Go360 Maps

The most up-to-date maps

AGSI is a high-quality company that maintains and owns its maps - which are also the most current in today’s marketplace. Addresses and other mapping data are updated daily through regular address correction and standardization practices.

AGSI has the most comprehensive online maps available. Roads, lakes, land elevations, properties – all such mapping data is geographically accurate in Location Warehouse’s database so they can be reliable reference points to ensure consistency of all geospatial analytics within the enterprise.

Our base geospatial data maps are available from coast to coast for all urban and rural areas. They can be customized for each client to show various features within defined contexts.

Our geographic information services include:

  • satellite imagery features
  • road network
  • railway network
  • water (such as lakes, rivers, oceans etc.)
  • elevation points
  • political boundaries (provincial / state, regional, municipal etc.)

Minimize risk, increase security

Companies and public-service organizations have become painfully aware of the need to protect their customer data from intrusion by outsiders. Many don’t realize that when they put their corporate database into web-based commercial mapping products or services, such as Google, Bing or Apple maps, the data becomes unprotected.

AGSI protects the integrity of corporate data while giving clients access to the most up-to-date maps available by using Go360 Maps - meaning important corporate data remains protected within the client’s secure environment. AGSI does not store, copy or sell any client data displayed on its online maps.

Easily integrated

Clients can license products from Go360 Maps into their own data systems (i.e. web maps, ESRI, etc.) and easily overlay their data on the maps. This is a private and secure alternative for displaying data.