Postal Boundary Products

There are more than 835,000 postal boundaries plus 43,000 zip codes within North America!

Postal boundaries change with surprising frequency. Sometimes entire municipalities will reorganize their postal boundaries to accommodate new housing developments by expanding or removing postal boundaries. As a reputable postal data provider, AGSI ensures we always have the right postal boundaries when you need them.

Use postal data to grow your business

It’s important to have up-to-date information about postal data if your organization is involved in service delivery or marketing. Having an aerial map that depicts the geographic areas represented by a postal boundary is an invaluable aid for the planning of programs.

Each of our postal maps is linked to national address data and to the relevant municipality. Our mapping data shows polygons that identify the extents of postal boundaries or points (representing the middle of the postal area).

A variety of organizations rely on postal boundaries – from online real estate portals, to direct marketers. Organizations can determine new site locations based on the postal boundaries of their customers.

Postal boundary polygons

This mapping product is a digital representation of the specific locations or areas covered by each postal boundary assigned by the postal service for the purposes of delivering mail. Depending on the requirements, postal boundary polygons can be specific, general or broad.

Available across the country in many formats, postal data products from Location Warehouse are delivered quickly to meet the needs of any organization.