Residential Address Services

Why do you need residential data?

  • individuals and businesses rely on up-to-date address information to avoid shipping problems
  • municipalities use this data for event / incident management within specific neighborhoods
  • businesses use the database to send mailers to introduce their products and services to local residents

Custom-designed data at the address level

Existing data management companies do not have the ability to customize lists to the address level; most rely on general postal boundaries to extract geographic data.

AGSI’s residential address directory allows for custom-designed data to be created as records that are matched to an address with a specific location or x / y rooftop coordinate. If you’re seeking a real-time geocoding program, or real-time location information, you’ll be happy to know that our real-time residential address data set download is available across the country and includes:

  • addresses for premises in Canada
  • New housing developments
  • Multi-unit dwelling addresses
  • Rural street addresses
  • Geo-referenced “x” and “y” geographic coordinates
  • Street number, name, direction, and type
  • City, town, or municipality
  • postal code