Residential Directory Services

Who lives there?

People are constantly on the move. Our extensive collection of residential phone records help businesses and individuals locate and keep track of residential contact information.

Why do you need residential data?

  • individuals and businesses rely on up-to-date contact information to avoid shipping problems
  • municipalities use this data for event / incident management within specific neighborhoods
  • businesses use the database to send personalized mailers to introduce their products and services to local residents

Custom-designed data at the address level

Existing data management companies do not have the ability to customize lists to the address level; most rely on general postal boundaries to extract geographic data.

AGSI’s residential phone directory allows for custom-designed data to be created as telephone records are matched to an address with a specific location or x / y coordinate. If you’re seeking a real-time geocoding program, or real-time location information, you’ll be happy to know that our real-time residential insurance data set download is available across the country and includes:

  • owner’s first and last name
  • full address (including unit)
  • postal code
  • city
  • phone number