Satellite, Aerial, and Street View Imagery

Imagery that provides clarity

As new highways, roads and subdivisions are built, what the country looks like from above changes regularly. AGSI’s spatial topology covers North America from major cities to the rural farmlands, with multiple levels of resolution.

AGSI’s Imagery is available in three formats:

  • satellite imagery
    • offers widest range of detail; seeing large forests, lakes and coastal outlines
  • aerial imagery
    • taken from an aircraft with a mounted camera
    • same level of detail as satellite imagery; seeing individual trees, telephone and hydro poles, streets, curbs, driveways and even cars
  • street view imagery
    • taken from a camera mounted on a car or person at an average height of 2 meters
    • as if standing directly in front of the house or building

Ways to use spatial topology

Individuals and organizations rely on satellite, aerial or street view imagery for numerous reasons:

  • insurance and mortgage companies can use the street view imagery to see if a building / property is as described as it should be, or to check the condition of houses in a neighborhood
  • municipalities can use aerial or satellite imagery to track any new building renovations / extensions and new outbuildings that a resident / company has built
  • imagery can also be used for tax purposes, to identify properties with pools
  • utility companies can use aerial or satellite imagery to see what has been built along utility corridors and determine utility pole locations that are inaccessible, such as remote islands and dense forests - places they cannot send an individual person to check on, such as a residential backyard or private property