Place Names

Some places are known by many names

The Place data mapping feature digitally represents specific locations or geographic areas of interest by its official name. Often in smaller and rural communities that have merged, these new names or places do not show up on maps. This can be a serious problem to organizations such as emergency‐service organizations and shipping companies. But not for AGSI!

Places exist in many different forms

Place names are given to every province / state, region, district and municipality in the country. However, there are many more names within a province or state such as:

  • upper and lower tier municipal names
  • county and district names
  • community names
  • neighborhood names
  • business improvement area (BIA) names

All the names in AGSI’s geospatial intelligence map are categorized into levels of importance. Our dataset includes category tags for:

  • country
  • province / state
  • upper tier municipality
  • lower tier municipality
  • district
  • single tier municipality
  • first nations
  • unorganized area
  • community
  • townships
  • historical communities
  • historical townships
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