Road Network

Our road network data is available for all roads across the country, and our national road dataset includes all major highways, as well as secondary and local roads for rural and urban areas.

Road network data includes:

  • street name
  • alias / historical names
  • street type (highway, major, secondary, local, minor and ramps)
  • postal boundaries (left and right)
  • street segment length
  • province / state
  • street number range
  • speed limit

Our data is updated daily

Roads undergo constant change - from new housing developments, street re-naming and lane expansions. The Location Warehouse™ national road network is updated daily to accommodate local construction and planning activities. It has many uses, such as:

  • transportation companies and emergency service providers rely on the accuracy of the road network to determine the fastest and most effective routes for their vehicles, allowing them to manage resources and expenses
  • travelers can plan vacation itineraries and travel needs with peace of mind, using GPS systems to get to their destination safely
  • urban planners can accurately and effectively design solutions that they can rely on and build upon